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Using Create my Support Plan

Create my Support Plan is flexible and can be used at any time in your life. It can be used by individuals and professionals alike. At the moment, it is free to use for everyone. For every email address, you can have access to one plan.

A support plan is generally created when you have had a community care asssessment and a financial assessment giving you an indicative budget on how to meet your need.

Create my Support Plan allows you to plan for the support you can receive using this budget but also think about ways you can receive support in other ways; for example: with your local support organisation or charity. 

You can find some example of people who have used Create my Support Plan here.

"An Easy User Guide" to using the tool is available here (PDF) and you can find some top-tips for using Create my Support Plan here

What is a community care assessment?

The aim of a community care assessment is to look at the help needed by you or the person you are looking after. You or the person you are looking after may need help because of a disability, health condition, or frailty due to old age. The assessment will normally be carried out by a social worker.

More information on community care assessment can be found on the Carers UK website here.

What is a financial assessment? 

A financial assessment generally happens once you have received a community care assessment. It will determine how much you have to pay for the services you receive from Social Services, or how much you will receive in Direct Payments. Once this is done, you will be given an indicative budget. 

What is an indicative budget?

The indicative budget is also sometimes called a personal budget and it is the money you get (from the Council and other funding streams) to spend on your meeting your needs. This is support that you decide and control, in other words you control the money for support. More information on indicative or personal budget can be found on the Disability Rights UK website here