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Terms and Conditions for review on Find a Service

Purpose of feedback:

The purpose of feedback for Create My Support Plan’s Find A Service is to help other disabled people to make informed choices about services, providers, venues and facilities they use. Disabled people are experts in their own lives and support needs and the feedback and review of services can help others to make an informed choice based on the experiences of other disabled people.

Contributors under the age of 18 should get the permission of a parent or guardian before submitting any review or contribution.

Occasionally people or organisations may contact us asking to use  reviews. If someone else wants to use all or part of your review, we will try to let you know using the contact details you have provided. If we can't get in touch with you, we may go ahead and allow them to use it. We ask you to submit contact details with your review. This is to help us verify your review is genuine and because we might need to contact you..

Users should not use false e-mail addresses, impersonate others or in any way mislead as to their identity.

How to leave a review

To post any feedback you need to be registered and log-in. Please check that you have done so. If you are still experiencing issues with this, please contact us.

Moderating reviews

All reviews are moderated. This means that all reviews are checked by WECIL staff before it appears on the Website. This may take up to 48 hours if you are posting a comment outside of regular working hours (i.e: Monday – Friday, 9am till 5pm).

We reserve the right to edit your feedback if we feel this is not written in correct English, inaccurate, contains swear words or other language that is likely to offend or does not apply to WECIL criteria. We may contact you at the email address you have provided for your approval. Negative or defamatory feedback will be communicated to the concerned organisation(s) to ensure that reasonable adjustments have been made. This is to allow fair and reasonable reviews which will help other people using our Website. We will not share you contact details without your consent.

Failing reviews

WECIL reserves the right to fail feedback which:

  • Advertises a product.  If you are a service and would like to be on Find A Service, please contact us using this form.
  • Risks breaching copyright law
  • Is not in English
  • Risks breaking UK law
  • Contains potential defamatory statements
  • Is abusive or disruptive
  • Is offensive
  • Is off-topic
  • Contains personal or identifiable details
  • Risks contempt of court
  • Contains spam
  • Contains unsuitable URLs
  • Contain questions or comments aimed at other contributors or website users or Create my Support Plan staff and/or representatives. If you have a question please contact us using the Contact Us form.
  •  Not original – content of user reviews should not infringe the intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of others that shall include copyright, trademark, privacy or trade secrets


Create my Support Plan (WECIL) has encouraged contributors to give legitimate, constructive feedback on the services listed.

Create my Support Plan (WECIL) shall not be in any way responsible or liable for reliance by users on any information that is obtained from this. Create my Support Plan (WECIL) does not make any representation or warranty, either express or implied as to the accuracy or reliability of any information or content that is published on this site. Publication of these reviews and their content does not signify that Create my Support Plan (WECIL) agrees with the views and content given.

The views are the contributors own and have been made in good faith and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions for review on Find a Service pages.

If you are offended by any content of a review or become aware of any postings that are in any way defamatory or in breach of the Terms and Conditions for review on Find a Service pages please let us know by contacting WECIL and we shall endeavour to remove any offending material.